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Do you have a 1200-1500 sq foot range small business space, or you need concrete floor repair service for your residence garage? No matter which space requires concrete floor repair, we are right here for you. Concrete floors are generally very tough and sturdy, and they get damaged when loads and chemicals attack them. If not taken care of in early-stage, these damages on the surface can soon affect the way you work. Don't take any risk, and call Simple Tech Coatings today for concrete floor repair work. We can come to your North East OH, Western PA address to assess the problem, and get started with our service.


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Reduce the risk of accidents and injury


Stain and slip-resistant


Less maintenance


Cost-effective service


Maximize productivity


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Concrete Floor Repair

There are different kinds of flooring solutions to choose from; however, most small businesses prefer to choose concrete flooring because it is cost-effective, and requires less maintenance. However, the concrete floor may need repairing. Concrete floors are mostly found in warehouses and factories, but looking at its features, small businesses and even homeowners have started to go for concrete flooring solutions. Even though concrete floors don't ask for a lot of repairs, but when it does, it is better to get in touch with the professionals only. Simple Tech Coatings is here with our helpful concrete floor repair service. If you feel that your concrete floor is damaged or you see cracks, don't hesitate to call Simple Tech Coatings. We are right here for you.

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Concrete Floor Repairing Process

1. Grinding Off the Surface

The first step is to use a floor grinding machine to grind off the existing floor's surface to make it new again. To grind edges. We use a hand grinder. The hand grinder goes along the edges of the floor to remove anything that shouldn't be there. We take a look at all the cracks and gouges in the floor and start repairing them. It is necessary to repair these cracks and gouges for the floor to become fully functional again.

2. Sanding Process

Next up is the sanding process. To do that we use a buffer for sanding the repair cracks, so the surface becomes smooth. If you want your concrete floor to become more protected, our suggestion is to go ahead with a polyurethane coat. We apply a polyurethane coat over the surface to help protect it from everything. We can grind off anything from glue to really thick grout. Simple Tech Coatings can remove tile and carpet too if needed for the process. 

3.  Payment

Please note that the payment will vary from work to work. The harder the concrete floor repairing is, the price will accordingly vary. We bring out equipment with us to do the concrete repairing work. Once we repair your concrete flooring, you will be able to use it in a few days. After repairing it, your floor will be ready to use. The reason why concrete repairing is so crucial is that unrepaired concrete areas become damage-prone areas.

Here's how we do the whole process of epoxy floor coating.

About Simple Tech Coatings

Simple Tech Coatings is a leading concrete floor repairing service provider in North East OH, Western PA. Call us today for concrete floor repair service for your small business and residence. After installing concrete flooring, you need to see if any irregularities or air pockets are building up. If your concrete floor has some issues, the best thing to do would be to call Simple Tech Coatings to do the concrete floor repair work. Now, you might wonder why us only? After all, the market has so many concrete floor repair service providers. Simple Tech Coatings use only commercial-grade products, which are not available in Sherwin Williams or Home Depot. Prices on Epoxy Floor Coatings range from $4.00-6.50 sq ft depending on concrete condition. In addition to all these, we also offer 10-20% when coating two or more spaces or previous customer choosing to coat another space. However, please note that the discount varies by total square footage. Concrete floor repair work should be done by professionals only, and Simply Tech Coatings is a well-recognized service provider of flooring solution.


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